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The Clan MacIntyre Trust is a nonprofit charity registered in Scotland.
We exist to promote, preserve and record
Clan MacIntyre related artifacts and culture.

Please visit the World Gathering of the MacIntyres 2018
website at https://macintyregathering.com/


CMT Management: Trustees/Directors and Officers

The founding Board of Directors/Trustees consisted of five volunteers, the minimum number required by the incorporation documents. Trustees are not paid for their services and don’t represent any other MacIntyre organisation.

Honorary Trustees:

Chief: Donald Russell MacIntyre, Tenth Of Glenoe
Chieftan: Ian MacIntyre, Camus na h-Erie

2018 Officers and Trustees:

  • Archibald McIntyre, Tiverton, Devon, England: Chairperson
  • Bruce McIntyre, Belgrave, Australia: Vice-chairperson
  • Alison Macintyre, Brisbane, Australia: Secretary
  • John McIntyre, Yackandandah, Victoria, Australia: Gentleman Piper
  • Valerie Bichener, Oban, Scotland
  • Martin MacIntyre, San Francisco,  California USA
  • Mary Thow, Trenton, Ontario Canada
  • Cass Wright, Bellows Falls, Vermont

There must be a minimum of seven (7) and maximum of fourteen (14) Directors.


Meetings and Minutes

The Board of Directors makes decisions within the mandate of the Trust and meets as often as they deem necessary. The Officers may meet between Board Meetings. There is an annual general membership meeting. All meetings are held electronically via the Internet. At present meetings are held via SKYPE.

Minutes of all meetings shall be posted within one month after the meeting on the CMT web site.







Financial Support

There are no dues to be a Member, Director, Officer or a Friend of CMT. Funding operations and projects depends on voluntary donations of time and money. Monetary donations will be used for:

  • Establishing the Trust.
  • Annual cost for an independent oversight review as required by laws covering charity corporations.
  • Communications (mailing, website).
  • Projects approved by the Board of Directors and Members.

Funds are held in a Treasurer’s Bank Account at The Bank of Scotland, Edinburgh. There is a PayPal account (Clan MacIntyre Trust) for accepting donations in most international currencies. An independent executor will make a quarterly report to the Board which will be available to Trust Members and Friends. When there are sufficient funds, on-going expenses will be drawn from endowment-generated income. An alphabetical list of donors will be published annually without identifying the amount of the donation. The legal costs for establishing the Trust have been advanced by anonymous donors to avoid time-consuming fund-raising that would have delayed its establishment. To the extent that the law permits, the establishment expense will be reimbursed to the donors, if they so wish.

There are a number of possible projects that have been suggested and you are welcome to suggest others.