Clan MacIntyre, by Cass Wright

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Brothers & Sisters, Cousins all, forget ye not: our ancestors might have been lean in number, but the mark they left, where’er they trod, has endured. Our forebears fought like berserkers, hunted like aborigines, sailed like pirates, fished like mermen, drank like slayers of giants, and plied the bardic arts as befit the heirs of the Isles they truly were, even as their renown spread to all compass-points for building the ships of kings & princes; and all this without the resource of a single castle, nor so much as one noble title, nor a solitary station of wealth or political power, nor official grants of land, even. Kinfolk, our Clan is not indebted one iota the girth of a grass-blade to envy or emulate the most high-flown historical figures beyond the legacies of our own tribe, for the will & work of our hands, our hearts and our hearths is the very clay of legend. Our motto of Per Ardua, “through difficulties”, though far less glorious than those of most others, has been hard-earnt every time we’ve lifted our chins to a far horizon!