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John Sinclair McIntyre’s Poetry and Bagpipe Compositions


John McIntyre has had a life-long interest in poetry. As a small child, his mother read to him the poems of Longfellow, particularly the Hiawatha verses, as well as Australian verse by Lawson and Paterson. John’s first original poem was published in the Geelong Advertiser while he was a primary school student at Lara.

John is an active member of the Yackandandah poetry group and the Snowy Mountains Bush Poetry Club, with published verses in a local newspaper.

Having grown up with horses in his farming career, his love of poetry blended with his horsemanship, to write in the genre of bush verse with its galloping rhythm, so loved by exponents of this musical expression of verse.

John Sinclair McIntyre’s Poetry


John grew up in a piping household as his father played the pipes. As a child, John would march behind his father when he piped up and down the long passage in the home.

At the age of eleven, John took piping lessons after school from Angus MacRury in Geelong. Angus was from South Uist and had been a piper in the Scots Guards, having been taught by Willie Ross. Angus was a very particular tutor and insisted on accuracy in his pupils. John joined the Geelong Highland Pipe Band in his early teens and competed in band competitions as well as in solo contests.

In recent times, John has had tuition in Piobaireachd by Dr Barrie Orme and Colin Cairns. He currently holds the position of Gentleman Piper in the Clan MacIntyre Trust and has been a member of the Benalla Caledonian Pipe Band since 1965 and is its piping tutor. John still plays the Henderson pipes which were played by his father and also Scottish Small Pipes and electronic pipes.

John Sinclair McIntyre’s Bagpipe Compositions