My Majestic Goddess, by John Sinclair McIntyre

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Beautiful creature, lithe of limb, with golden tresses and garments flowing.
Moving so sleekly, tall and slim, with laughing eyes and smile a-glowing.

A poet’s dream in fluid motion, her youthful firmness beneath a veil
Of sheer white negligee, charging emotion, the sun by comparison rendered pale.

The sound of her voice to my ears is like music, flowing from Heaven, ecstatically sweet,
While the love that she gives me is richly unending, Empress of Beauty, so truly complete.

Perfection in Nature, omnipotent, constant, baffles the mind as it nurtures the soul,
And has lavished its charms on this wonderful infant, now grown to a woman, such joy to behold.

My love for this maiden is deep and enduring, I long for her kisses and loving caress,
And I know should I meet other angels alluring, that none could replace my Majestic Goddess.