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A list of most of my compositions follows. I have had a computer wipeout and have lost most recordings (I still have some on CD) and all sheet music, so will have to set about replacing them, which will take some time. Meanwhile, here are 29 tunes.

6/8 Marches

  • Failte do’n Dhachaidh a Dileas
  • Ruaraidh nam Beanntean Arda
  • Donnachadh, mo Mhach
  • Lt Col Rodney Allen’s March Through the Rough Bounds
  • Two Linnets in the Heather
  • Ranald Alexander MacDonald of Clanranald
  • Fiona McIntyre
  • Rosa MacDonald

2/4 Marches

  • Dr. Calum Bartlett of Barra
  • Fergie MacDonald, The March
  • Major Bruce MacDonald at the Sound of Sleat
  • Helena Og
  • James Malcolm Bruce MacDonald at Duntulm
  • Dunan Ban MacIntyre, Younger of Camus na h-Erie

6/8 Jigs

  • Ruaraidh nam Beanntean Arda
  • Fergie Macdonald
  • Strathspeys
  • Alasdair McIntyre’s Arms
  • Señorita Sofia Macdonald of Boisdale


  • Failte Calum Iain
  • Ruaraidh Petre
  • Hornpipes
  • Charlotte McIntyre

6/8 Slow Airs

  • Boisdales’s Voyage
  • Moladh Sandra Ruaraidh
  • Rosalyn, Mo Chridhe
  • Rosa MacDonald

3/4 Slow Airs

  • Claire, Lady MacDonald of MacDonald
  • Ceol Mor
  • The McIntyres’ Return
  • Mary, Lady Macdonald of Sleat
  • Lament for Dilys