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Seonaidh MacIntyre Piping

Seonaidh is from Lochcarnan in South Uist, an area known to be steeped in traditional music and song, particularly piping. He studied for an HNC in traditional music in Benbecula College before going on to study the BA in Applied Music at Strathclyde University. His music has strong Hebridean roots and draws upon his upbringing in a Gaelic speaking community. From an early age, he received tuition initially from Calum Campbell and Duncan MacLellan then Dòmhnall Bàn MacDonald, and he has been mentored by Iain and Allan MacDonald of Glenuig through his university courses. Seonaidh also sings, plays the whistle, guitar, small pipes and the border pipes, and is continually in high demand playing with a number of bands including Trail West, Seudan, The Urban Teuchtars and The League of Highland Gentlemen.

Seonaidh’s grandfather, Seonaidh ‘Ruadh’ MacIntyre from Iochdair, South Uist, was also a piper; he never competed but was held in high regard locally as fine piper. He was also a piper in the Lovat Scouts during the second world war.